Podcast Solution

PODBUM® is here to provide all the podcast scripting and production assistance your business needs. We service small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), indie musicians. Our Podcast solutions help to boost SMBs SEO by:
·    Curating client?s original content on schedule on all the socials
·    Track and report on engagement results and adjust strategy for maximum effect.

Podcast ROI

Most advertising for small businesses does not provide adequate return on investment (ROI) primarily due to set ad rates per click or impression. Moreover, after money is spent on ineffective ads, businesses do not see value or worst don?t get any leads due to lack of engagement. PODBUM® Disruptive Services Inc delivers carefully curated original content ROI while cultivating the necessary customer engagement through shared interests.

Podcast SEO

Ensuring our client?s hard earned dollars are carefully maximized from a SEO perspective, PODBUM® Disruptive Services Inc takes our project very seriously. We work for our clients and endeavor to ensure to define the value Proposition on podcast campaign within 1 week of go-live date, Integrate campaign themes with podcast episodes and key word SEO and Monitor engagement, conversion rates, and key metrics for 4 weeks following implementation.